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The 5th Wave
112 min.
az, ru, en
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Adventure Action Drama Sci-Fi
5.15 TvSeans   5.2 IMDb   5.1 Kinopoisk  
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Ohio high-schooler Cassie Sullivan, armed with an M4 carbine, emerges from the woods to raid an abandoned gas station. Upon entering, she hears a male voice calling for help. She finds a wounded man, who points a gun at her, but they ask each put their weapons down. His other hand is under his jacket and as he takes it out, she sees a glint of metal and kills him thinking he was holding a gun, but he was holding a Christian cross and the screen cuts to black to show her backstory. A colossal alien spaceship is circling Earth, guided by extraterrestrials referred to as "The Others". Ten days later, The Others unleash their 1st Wave, an electromagnetic pulse that permanently disables all electrical power grids worldwide. The 2nd Wave has The Others manipulate the planet's geology and fault lines, causing earthquakes and megatsunamis that destroy coastal cities and islands. For the 3rd Wave, The Others modify a strain of avian flu virus and spread it across the planet with birds. The population is decimated, with Cassie's mother being one of the casualties.Cassie, her father and her younger brother Sam, find a summer camp in use as a refuge in the woods with roughly 300 survivors. A few days later, an Army unit with working vehicles rolls into the camp. The unit's commander, Colonel Vosch, claims there is an imminent threat of a 4th Wave and they will take the children to safety at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, intending to bring the buses back to retrieve the adults...




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