Gary Oldman & Emily Mortimer Get Caught in a Nautical Nightmare

10 August, 2019

Plenty of folks have plans to retire at sea, but the one thing you never plan for is a damned ghost ship. But sometimes, they plan on you. Such is the predicament awaiting Gary Oldman and Emily Mortimer in RLJE Films’ Mary, a spooky new maritime chiller about a family looking for a fresh start who sail right into the arms of an evil presence.


The new paranormal thriller follows David (Oldman), a struggling seaman striving towards a better life for his family when he stumbles upon an old auction ship that seems to be calling his name. After he convinces his wife (Mortimer) that the boat could be just what the doctor ordered, their family heads out on a hopeful sea-faring journey that quickly turns terrifying when a dark presence starts tormenting their family.

Directed by Michael Goi from a script by Anthony Jaswinski, Mary makes its premiere at the UK genre festival Fright Fest on August 24 and arrives in theaters, on VOD, and On Streaming on October 11, 2019. Get a peek in our exclusive trailer debut below.



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