Ludivine Sagnier

Ludivine Sagnier



Ludivine Sagnier (born July 3, 1979) is a French actress and model, who has appeared in films since 1989. She was nominated for two César Awards for Best Supporting Actress in Swimming Pool (2003) and Un secret (2007). Sagnier was born in La Celle-Saint-Cloud, in the département of Yvelines, France. Her mother is a retired secretary and her father is a professor of English at the Paris University. She has a daughter, Bonnie, with actor Nicolas Duvauchelle, and two daughters, Ly Lan (born January 2009) and Tàm (born December 2014), with her current partner, filmmaker Kim Chapiron. Sagnier has appeared nude in extended scenes in several films, including Water Drops on Burning Rocks, Bon plan (both released in 2000) and La Petite Lili. In Francois Ozon's film Swimming Pool, Sagnier appears topless in more than half of the scenes in which she appears. Addressing this issue, Sagnier told Playboy: "I'm much more confident in front of a camera, hidden by a character, enhanced by makeup, so I can go much further than I can in real life. Sexual acting is painful, because even though you're pretending, you have the skin of the person in front of you, and it's not the skin you wish you had. After that, you run into the shower to get rid of everything". Three films starring Ludivine Sagnier screened in Los Angeles in 2011. Pieds nus sur les limaces (Lily Sometimes) was shown at the City of Angels, City of Light Festival in April. Love Crime and The Devil's Double were shown at the Los Angeles Film Festival in June.

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