Aleksei Serebryakov

Aleksei Serebryakov



Aleksei Valeryevich Serebryakov was born on 3 July 1964 in Moscow. His father was an aircraft engineer and his mother worked as a doctor at the Gorky Film Studio. In his childhood, he attended a music school (class of accordion). Aleksei Serebryakov made his debut as an actor at 13, when his music teacher published a photo of him in the newspaper Vechernyaya Moskva. Aleksei was noticed by casting directors Valery Uskov and Vladimir Krasnopolsky, who conducted castings for the popular Soviet TV series Eternal Call. After that Aleksei appeared in a few more films. In 1986, he graduated from the Lunacharsky State Institute of Theatrical Art, where he went to the acting school of Oleg Tabakov, after which he played for several years at the Moscow Theatre-Studio "Tabakerka" directed by Oleg Tabakov. In 1991, he left the theater. After graduating from GITIS, Serebryakov starred in several films, including Silent Outpost (1986) and Accused of the Wedding (1986), and some others. He gained wide popularity due to his main character as a criminal fighter in Vladimir Feoktistov's movie Fan (1989). Aleksei Serebryakov has been in a relationship with his current wife Maria since the 1980s. They were married in the 1990s and have three children; one child from Maria's previous marriage and two whom they have adopted together. In March 2012, Serebryakov emigrated to Canada with his family, citing corruption and political unrest in Russia as barriers to raising his children.

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