After a hard and tiring working day, each of us would like to sit before the computer and watch our favorite series and movies. Previously, only TVs could give us this opportunity, but now, in the age of high technology, we can easily get this opportunity via the internet. For this purpose, hundreds of websites and portals are available worldwide. Unfortunately, we will not be able to say the same about the quality of content available on those websites.

Tvseans.com provided the latest, important, interesting, encyclopedic knowledge and information from the world of cinema in Azerbaijani, English and Russian languages ​​free of charge. Thousands of grateful users daily visiting our site thank Tvseans.com employees for their incredible dedication and high quality of work. Over the years, together with you, our subscribers, we have created a very good, functional, gigantic, informative and interactive portal for true movie lovers. Your participation has become an integral part of our site. From a simple project of three poor students, you turned Tvseans.com into a large Internet portal. But in order to continue to serve a growing audience in high quality, we must go to new and serious expenses. We need new employees and equipment in our offices located in different countries of the world, we need to introduce a number of new technologies, continue activities in three languages ​​and distribute a large amount of news.

Our other mission is to convey the diversity of cinema to people. You can find information and articles about films for different age and taste in our website. It is enough just to have the internet. You can register at TVSEANS.COM.

We give our users a wide range of choices. Our catalogue includes articles and information, photos and trailers of films shot by Hollywood, Bollywood, European, Russian cinematographers, Turkish films, Classic hits, Soviet films, world renowned TV series and cartoon animations.        

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