The Batman Starts Filming, Confirms Director

29 January, 2020

Warner Bros. and DC Films' new The Batman movie starring Robert Pattinson has officially started filming, as confirmed by director Matt Reeves. Director Matt Reeves officially announced filming has started on The Batman, starring Robert Pattinson. Warner Bros. and DC Films have tried for several years to get a new solo Batman movie off the ground. Originally conceived by Ben Affleck, the film now comes from the mind of Matt Reeves and will introduce the world to another version of Bruce Wayne aka Batman, as played by the former Twilight star.

Съемки нового «Бэтмена» официально стартовали

Over the last few months, there have been constant updates on The Batman as Reeves found his exciting new cast and announced their additions on social media. Since that point, many have been eager to finally get a chance to see Zoë Kravtiz's Catwoman, Paul Dano's Riddler, and more in costume. This is why set photos from The Batman's production began to excite fans, with Colin Farrell's Penguin look believed to be part of the early reveals. Now, Reeves has confirmed on Twitter that The Batman is officially filming. Production is taking place in London, and Reeves commemorated the beginning of it with a simple photo. It confirms that The Batman is the title (at least for now) and provides an early look at a possible logo for the film. Check out Reeves' post below: With Reeves announcing that today is the start of production on The Batman, it would appear that previous set photos may have been from second-unit filming that took place before everyone else could report. Unfortunately for those eager to learn as much about the film as possible, Reeves' post isn't as revealing as they may have hoped. Whereas James Gunn announced the full cast list for The Suicide Squad when production was about to begin, Reeves kept his post simple. Since he has already confirmed the main cast members, him taking a different approach is understandable.

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Of course, the start of filming will only build more anticipation for the eventual reveal of Pattinson in the Batman suit. It is possible that Reeves and WB/DC will reveal an official image in the coming days or weeks if they anticipate the possibility that set photos could capture the suit first. Whether or not that does happen though remains to be seen, as they could try and hold off the reveal for a major convention later this year like San Diego Comic-Con or CCXP. But, with roughly a year and a half to go before The Batman arrives in theaters, there is plenty of time for Reeves to continue production and ultimately reveal more about his new take on the Dark Knight.


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