‘El Camino’ trailer: Jesse Pinkman returns in ‘Breaking Bad’ movie

25 September, 2019

Netflix has unleashed a brand-new trailer for El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie, the first feature film from director Vince Gilligan set within the Breaking Bad universe; indeed, the first feature directed by Gilligan, period. Aaron Paul reprises his role as Jesse, the enduring half of the two-headed crystal meth empire founded by Walter White (Bryan Cranston).

Картинки по запросу ‘El Camino’ trailer: Jesse Pinkman returns in ‘Breaking Bad’ movie

Paul's Pinkman was last seen in the Breaking Bad finale driving away from the compound where he spent months as a prisoner, forced to cook meth for a vicious gang of white supremacists. The new trailer marks the fan-favorite actor's first official appearance as Jesse since then, starring front and center in a story set to follow on the heels of his great escape. Details beyond that bigger-picture idea remain under tight lock and key. "I don't want to open my Christmas presents a week and a half before Christmas," says Gilligan, speaking on behalf of The Hollywood Reporter's El Camino cover story

Less than three weeks away from the premiere of El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie, Netflix has just released the second official trailer for the feature film.

The clip, which is less than a minute long, takes place just moments after the conclusion of the Breaking Bad series finale, which aired six years ago.

Suspense builds right from the get-go as the camera pans towards the vintage Chevrolet El Camino in which Jesse Pinkman (portrayed by Aaron Paul) escapes at the end of the final Breaking Bad episodeThe damaged red car sits in an open field as the much-beloved character lights a cigarette.


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