Khoja: Brings Back Tragedy of Khojaly Massacre

25 February, 2019
Khoja (Azerbaijani: Xoca) is a 2012 Azerbaijani drama film directed, written, and co-produced by Vahid Mustafayev based loosely on the Khojaly Massacre during the Nagorno-Karabakh War.

The neo-expressionist feature film is based on the story of a young, soon to be married Azerbaijani couple Aliakbar (Ilgar Musayev) and Gunel (Nigar Bahadirqizi), which unfolds against a fictional backdrop of Khojaly Massacre.

Film Khoja won several awards. At the 2012 Cairo International Film Festival, it was named best international drama of the year.

The movie were featured in various international film festivals, including at International Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival and Fajr International Film Festival. The movie were submitted to Yerevan International Film Festival, but jury's declined to accept it.

The film on the Khojaly tragedy, tells the story of a young officer, unfolding against the backdrop of the terrible events of February 1992. The film immediately attracted the attention of the country. On the day of the premiere halls were crowded with spectators, whose flux has not subsided to this day.


  • In this story of love during wartime that blends comedy, action, and romance a young couple are getting married and are told to come back in a month time. Gunel (Nigar Bahadirqizi) is a daughter of a wealthy city man, and Aliakbar (Ilgar Musayev) is an army officer from a rural region.

    The couple promises to come back, unaware of the overwhelming forces moving toward them which would shatter their world and alter history. In February 1992, war rages throughout Azerbaijan, but the word on fighting has yet to arrive on the capital Baku, where life continues to follow its own slow and Gunels father is arranging a lavish wedding party for his daughter. While Aliakbar is making his way to his wedding, his countrymen are waiting for promised reinforcements which never come. Aliakbar soon finds himself caught up in the fight field helping his countrymen to escape military offensive. Aliakbar never makes it to his own wedding; but a young boy delivers to his distraught bride the Khoja, family stone ring as she finds out her beloved groom died on the day they were set to marry.

Directed by 

Vahid Mustafayev  

Writing Credits  

Vahid Mustafayev ... (written by)


Telman Aliyev Telman Aliyev ... Gunel's father
Azer Aydemir Azer Aydemir ... Yura Cherniy
Nigar Bahadirqizi Nigar Bahadirqizi ... Gunel
Najiba Huseynova Najiba Huseynova ... Gunel's mother
Narmin Huseynova Narmin Huseynova ... Mehriban (as Mina Sovetskaya)
Ilgar Musayev Ilgar Musayev ... Aliakbar


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