Jon S. Baird

Jon S. Baird

Jon S. Baird (born 9 November 1972) is a BAFTA winning Scottish film director. Born and raised in Aberdeenshire, he began his career at BBC Television.


In 2020, Jon S. Baird directed Tetris, a feature film produced by Matthew Vaughn and distributed by Apple TV+. The film delves into the legal conflicts surrounding the release of the video game of the same name. In addition to filming taking place in Glasgow, Baird's home region Aberdeenshire served as a location for the film in February 2021, with scenes being shot at the University of Aberdeen and in Aberdeen. Baird described the experience as "a dream come true" and hoped that it would kickstart further interest in the region as a filming location.

In 2022 Baird directed Stonehouse, a three-part docudrama starring Matthew Macfadyen as the disgraced British MP John Stonehouse, who infamously faked his own death in 1974.


Year Title Director Producer Writer
2003 It's a Casual Life Yes Yes Yes

Feature film

Year Title Director Producer Writer
2008 Cass Yes Yes No
2013 Filth Yes Yes Yes
2018 Stan & Ollie Yes No No
2023 Tetris Yes No No
TBA Everything's Going to Be Great Yes No No
Film Director
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