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A Haunting in Venice
103 min.
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Detective Crimе
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In 1947, in Venice, Hercule Poirot is retired and recluded, and protected by his bodyguard, the former police officer Vitale Portfoglio, who stops any stranger from contacting him. The famous mystery writer Ariadne Oliver invites Poirot to attend a Halloween party and a séance to expose as a fraud or validate the medium Joyce Reynolds, who was a nurse in the war. The party is at the palace of the opera singer Rowena Drake), who stopped singing when her beloved daughter Alicia Drake committed suicide after her fiancé Maxime Gerard called off their engagement. The palace was an orphanage and a place with plague in the past and has the reputation that spirits kill nurses and doctors that come inside. Rowena invited Joyce to contact Alicia, and in addition to the skeptical and atheist Poirot and his bodyguard, the following persons attend the séance: Alicia's former fiancé, Chef Maxine; Rowena's family doctor Dr. Leslie Ferrier and his son Leopold Ferrier; her housekeeper Olga Seminoff; and Joyce's assistant Desdemona Holland. During the séance, Poirot finds that Joyce is a fraud, exposing her second assistant hidden in the chimney and confronts her. She leaves her cloak, hood and mask behind and Poirot alone. He wears her clothes and mask and while bobbing for apples, someone tries to drown him. Soon Joyce is impaled on a statue and Poirot and a storm isolate the palace while he investigates who the killer of Joyce is.
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