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, USA, 12+
138 min.
6.2   Imdb 5.8    KinoPoisk: 6.6
Drama Action Adventure Historical Epic

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As a young boy, Noah witnesses his father, Lamech, killed by a young Tubal-cain. Years later, an adult Noah lives with his wife Naameh and their sons Shem, Ham, and Japheth. After seeing a flower grow instantly from the ground and being haunted by dreams of a great flood, Noah takes them to visit his grandfather Methuselah. They encounter a group of people recently killed and take in and adopt the lone survivor, a girl named Ila. Ila is treated for an abdominal wound and will survive, but Naameh determines that she will be unable to have children. Noah and his family are chased by the murderers and seek refuge with the fallen angels known as the "Watchers", in whose territory Methuselah lives. The Watchers are confined on Earth as stone golems for helping humans banished from the Garden of Eden. Methuselah gives Noah a seed from Eden and tells Noah that he was chosen for a reason. Returning to his tent that night, Noah plants the seed in the ground. The Watchers arrive the next morning and debate whether they should help Noah until they see water spout from the spot where Noah planted the seed. After a forest grows instantly, the Watchers agree to help Noah and his family build an ark.


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georgy truth   The movie shows that Cain entered secretly in the Ark. That is complete hollywood lie!
1. All the 3 sons of Noah were adults enough to have their own wife! Ham and Iaphet in this movie has no wife, that is FALSE!
In the Book of Genesis we read "In the selfsame day entered Noah, and Shem, and Ham, and Japheth, the sons of Noah, and Noah’s wife, and the three wives of his sons with them, into the ark;" Genesis chapter 7:13
2. Cain was not even alive when the flood came judging from how many years passed when Noah was born!
3. All the wifes of the 3 sons had children AFTER THE FLOOD, there is no such things as babies being born on the ark, the Bible would have mentioned that but it is not written.
Surely this Hollywood Noah from the movie is not the real Noah, sorry for Russel Crowe, who is a good actor though, but didn´t showed who Noah really was!
georgy truth   So many capital errors in this movie. Unbelievable! The biggest from all errors is when this Hollywood Noah states that in the beginning was nothing. Nothing? Did you take that from the imbecille of Steve Hawkings? IN THE BEGINNING WAS JESUS CHRIST WITH GOD - John 1:1
Those fallen angels, "the watchers" NEVER returned to heaven. They were never forgiven but condemned. And surely they didn't come from heaven to help humanity or Noah, they came to make fornication with some woman on the earth like GENESIS 6:2 says.
They were 8 PEOPLE ON THE ARK, including the 3 WIVES that the 3 Sons of Noah have, but the movie doesn't show all of them!
Genesis 5:30 Lamech, father of Noah, lived 595 YEARS MORE AFTER NOAH WAS BORN, he wasn't killed from Cain like in this movie!!!