New ‘Child’s Play’ Trailer Is Here to Playfully Murder You

22 April, 2019

Orion has released a new Child’s Play trailer. The upcoming reboot follows a boy who gets a new Buddi doll, unaware that the doll is murderous. The reboot, which restarts the continuity, follows the long-running Child’s Play series, which began in 1988 and spawned six sequels as recently as 2017’s Cult of Chucky. The new Child’s Play movie is unrelated to the Child’s Play TV series in development, which will follow the original movies and is being developed by series creator Don Mancini.

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While this trailer does a decent job at laying out the machine-driven mayhem that is to come, its branding is a little off. The highly advanced dolls outfitted with cutting-edge AI are branded as Buddi, but Andy repeatedly refers to it as Chucky, either a name he gave it himself or one that belongs to this particular model.

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Gone is the supernatural infusion of a kid’s toy doll with the soul of a serial killer (thanks to a Haitian voodou spell), at least as far as we can tell from this trailer. Instead, it seems that Chucky’s particular proclivity towards violence is caused by a bug in his programming or a ghost in the machine. That’s a clever switch on the original mythology, especially in today’s culture of invasive, “always watching” tech meant to make our lives easier, but we’ll see if the new Child’s Play has any heart among the horror.

Check out the new Child’s Play trailer below. The film opens June 21st and stars Aubrey PlazaGabriel BatemanBrian Tyree Henry, and Mark Hamill as the voice of Chucky.
Time to play. The full trailer for Child’s Play is finally here. From the producers of IT comes a modern reimagining of the horror classic. Child’s Play hits theaters June 21.


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